Saturday, September 28, 2013

Look Up

I just wanted to post this quick comment.  I noticed that two days in a row chemtrails, NOT vapor trails, were being sprayed across the sky in a grid like pattern. Do you see the trails are crossing, and spreading out to create a total haze.  This haze stays around and falls to the ground until the next day when it starts all over again.  Notice it yet?  Watch the sky for more than a day and you will, because once in awhile the skies clear and it's gorgeous and the sun is out.

Many people will welcome discussing our foods and the deadly pesticides used to spray produce, and how harmful that is but the trend is people are still a bit behind in how aware they should be to their environment.  Fukishima has been leaking since it happened and everyone included, are in danger of major health implications.  Have you noticed any changes and what did you do when you heard about the nuclear disaster when it happened in 2011?  I am unaware of this ongoing threat and I am still focusing on chemtrails as well. On the public train, while there are huge windows and large streaks of chemicals clear across the sky, people are engrossed in their iphones............

I know if you are looking for information, care about leaving the Earth for future generations and how it will be like for them then PLEASE start paying attention and joining people in the discussion, perhaps go to your local municipality and bring it up.  Pay attention to strange occurrences, such as spraying and chemical colory rings in front of the sun.  Have heard there are invisible chemicals as well, that when spraying linger but the color of spray dissipates and it's not evident to you what is in the air.  Nanoparticulate is VERY small.  How I realized I had a picture (uploaded from my first post), of airplanes spraying chemtrails, because it just didn't look normal.  At all, but come to think way back in time, I had been a kid in the 90's and I asked an adult why some airplane spraying was not disappearing.  They hesistaed to answer as they stared at it too, and I recall now so clearly that it went unanswered and I watched this "jet trail" for more than 20 minutes until it started to clear up.    Jump to today, and three airplane chemtrails done at similar times in cross formation, is that really the norm now?
 We coincidentally will learn about what is witnessed, eventually.

Again, by the time of 5:00 p.m.,  the hazy sky will be all over for the most part.  If not haze then clouds have seemed to roll in to mingled with the chemicals that are hovering up there and with all the chemtrails that are left behind, it all fans out.   Still doing my diligent job of documenting these trails, in the more northern skies.  Others are stuck on some other topics of what is going on with the world, and take this one lightly.  Now all the trees are starting to die more rapidly.  Ciao for now.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Double Up

I guess I am doubling my posts tonight, but I had to rush back here with a video that is informative!  It is a good one and very recent as it is titled, " Nasa admits chemtrails- 10 July 2013."  It is about our main topic here on We Awake Blogspot.....our only topic to date has been chemtrails, so if I have not been clear perhaps this video will help. Enjoy.   Nasa Admits Chemtrails

Current Update

I am happy to announce and report, that here in Southern Alberta,  I have not viewed an obvious trail being sprayed for sometime. I am not sure if the Geo-engineering program  has been halted or if it is being implemented in different forms, such as I have witnessed some strange wispy clouds.  These clouds are not appearing to be average, and I luckily have been a cloud gazer since a child to know that. These clouds seem to whirl with colors and disappear into a muddied fog in the sky. That being said, the cloud doesn't really disappear, and the colors could possibly be from it containing chemicals or the refraction of some sort.  I will be adding a collection of photos in another post, that I did not have time to load before, but these are the strange wisps of clouds.

There was a flood in Southern Alberta, and previous to this tragic and massive flooding, is when I reported and brought forth the photography of chemtrails from airplanes.  It could be a coincidence, and again I am only reporting from where I am located and what I am witnessing.

 One afternoon, though it happened rather quickly,  so thus do not have photo evidence, I witnessed what it looks like for a passenger plane to empty the tanks of the plane, prior to landing. It is very different than long streaks of chemtrails in the sky.  I paid close attention as small spurts of liquids that did dissipate quickly were let off in bursts. I am not sure if this is detrimental to the environment, but I am not disputing which is worse or necessary.

I will post more often, now that no longer affected by the floods and if there is any breaking news.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


May 1, 2013, there was more constant Chemtrail spraying from chemtrail jets!  If you haven't been outside or looked up lately, or not outside to get fresh air as long as it takes to really notice the foreign spray matter up in the sky,  then you would not have seen the sky is "muddied".  This is another day of the week (below) and it was looking to be just a beautiful day, like any May 1st should have been. I mean those days when the sky was a crystal blue vibrant, and clean looking sky,  well this day was not. Those days are getting to be few and far between, and more pictures from May 1st, down the page. Please keep reading....

  As it was a warmer day out today, no clouds, but extremely grey now that it was afternoon, and the chemtrails or air traffic pollution had built up......I came outside to eat my lunch in the nice weather and do some reading- with my trusty camera at my side.  Snapping up any new trails on camera while juggling my lunch plate and soft-cover book, of course, I looked up and seen lots of spray in the sky from earlier in the day, and new planes spraying another stripe across the sky.

 They tend to be quick, all of a sudden another had already sprayed over the city.  Before I knew it, another airplane was spraying straight across the sky like an arc.  So, if we take notice, that is how fast the intervals can be some days.

It's rather tricky to get anything done if you are documenting this, as I am really trying to notice all details, as much as I can.  I just want to report the facts, as I visually see it and try not to be influenced too much yet by other reports and information I read.  So you know that you are receiving a genuine account of this,  but perhaps it's too late as I already partially know what is going on.  I know that people are experiencing fatigue and getting ill but everyone is just blaming it on the food, lack of exercise, etc. but this cannot be all there is to this.

Finally, a neighbor walked by with her sun hat on, all day I had not even seen anyone.  She spoke to a cat or a bird on a balcony, and she really looked content to be outside.  She didn't notice what the sky looked like, or me sitting on my balcony for that matter and I was trying to be low-key.  Regardless, I am happy to see people outside.

When I seen how grey the blue sky ends up being by the end of the day, it's so very sad.  I am working on different things. I was not able to notice this before. I was told about some information previously, about almost a year ago now but I was preoccupied with things going on in life and I was stuck inside a building working for the boss, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  When we are not outside enough to make note of these environmental changes, and have a good understanding of what things used to look like then why are you not questioning this?  It is going on now.

I have put work and some constant research for the past 6 months.  I started to wake up and if you have time I encourage you - to ask your neighbor if they have noticed anything with their garden.  Is it growing, have you had pH levels in the soil tested, and are the tree dying around you?  Is there deforestation happening?  Have you had a nature walk lately and are you paying attention to it?
If it's to pass out flyer's or put newsletters out on bulletin boards, use your photographer skills or speaking skills, then let's use the skills God gave us to at least educate each other and perhaps, to achieve stopping this.

Let me make one prominent point. We should at least know what is really going on, who should be telling us what is going on about the spraying schedule?  Who should be telling us how many times the planes will be crossing and flying overhead, over the city?  What is the schedule? Which direction are they coming from?  It does not appear to be from the airport.  Who should be monitoring whatever is going on?  Who is it that is paying for this program, where are the books?  Why is it I can not easily access the information? Is there any news coverage or even news sourcing from the mainstream media on chemtrailing?    Why is none of this being questioned?  These are some questions I have thought of.

There are plenty of independent journalists who may have the time to cover this right?   Why is it other agenda is rolled out on mainstream media, and sometimes I am nauseated by the repetition of the stories. Who is the alternative? There is and they report on different topics and share information, that is not readily shared on CNN or other mainstream news programs.

I will attempt to speak to the City Mayor or representative when I get it all together.  I am going to have to prepare and put together cohesive information so I am going to find out if not for myself, for us all. I will document for some more time, and then I have to finish what I am working on and will be back with a report.

I believe it was Hillel the Elder who said this, it was "If not you, then who.  If not now, then when?"

People mostly tend to skip seriousness these days, but I know we will all wake up in time but if the Fluoride doesn't slow you mentally down,  while it lowers your IQ and calcifies your pineal gland in your brain then how are the chemtrails and chemicals in the food going to affect us all?  Was anyone allowed to vote for Fluoride in water and in foods before it was administered to us?   Now we are just going to take the toxic matter up into our bodies while being sprayed into the atmosphere too.  The damage that has been done is great, so let's not let another experiment of chemicals take place, and definitely not in the air~!
 Also, I inquired about the chemtrails to someone I know, that writes for a newspaper, or is what they call a 'journalist'...... I say that loosely because I am not sure what it is journalists really report on anymore.  Paid agenda hardly seems like the real facts, but anyway, he at first said he had no idea what chemtrails were and then perhaps he looked it up on his computer and replied to my message quickly, "I thought they hadn't started that yet."

Well, the program has started and it's well underway; since the late 1990's, and proceeding until now, where our skies are now an acid washed, literally.  People are starting to lose their health, and this has happened on an accumulated basis.  We are losing our ability to cope in our own environments,  I am noticing more allergies, sickness, strokes, skin conditions, and more dis-ease.

By the way, nano-particulate will bypass your immune system and lodge itself right into your soft tissues like your lungs.  Just so you were aware of the particulate that is being sprayed, is not going to pick and choose who is healthy or who is not, it will get into your system and do damage.

 So, there has bee some type of misinformation given out, that is leading people to think no such program  or thing has been started or nothing is going on, and if it has that it is benign in nature- meaning for a benefit to us all, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Essentially people feel no danger what so ever, even I have to admit I question the severity of this but I am just looking for information.  I think it's like when we see an imminent danger, our instincts communicate us to fight or flight, but I think the danger here is one that came closer and closer, but slowly and over time, and in small incidents that our instincts are not alarmed.  Wake Up!

We don't notice it or our brains are in a haze, from the chemtrails perhaps, I know I have felt less alert.  I had watched a documentary called "What in the World are they Spraying?" and below I have posted the trailer link.  You can find the full documentary on YouTube.  Please, I encourage you to watch this as it concerns every one of us in the world!

 Finally success with the photography..... I had posted my article but was having difficulty with adding the photos uploading so you will see in the photos, the sky getting muddier and muddier, to the final picture in the late afternoon on May 1st.

The sky is full of chemtrails!  They spread apart and don't dissipate, they just get cloudier. I have been told of many health issues going on with others, not to mention we are all experiencing allergies. Myself, I have had a sore throat on and off for the past week.  I feel it's taking a toll on everyone's health.

               Stay tuned I have video footage of a normal airplane so you can see the difference folks!



Monday, April 29, 2013

All Day Chemtrail Spraying

How many people are looking up and seeing the spraying in the skies from random planes?  I have noticed, and there are certain planes that come from a different direction, than your local airport and they tend to be looping back and forth spraying all day.

I hear it is over large cities and perhaps other places as well, but we did not vote for this!There is no public information, from our government on this!!  The planes are staggered to about every 30-40 minutes, and they persist.  I noticed when it's cloudy there are some trails camouflaged behind the clouds, because when the cloud moves I notice there have been the trails left behind from airplanes, and this is just what I am documenting.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Killer Chemtrails

The Geoengineering program; or "chemtrails", as some call it is where the airplanes are spraying trails of various matter into the air, not well-known information but this article is what I have gathered together.  I read that the spray contains heavy metals, such as aluminium, barium, mercury, nanotechnology, silicone, lithium and viruses to say the least! I really don't think that this is to be cooling the Earth's atmosphere down as scientists might claim, but that is what the geoengineering and cloud seeding is supposedly doing and is some type of weather control program.

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