Sunday, July 14, 2013

Current Update

I am happy to announce and report, that here in Southern Alberta,  I have not viewed an obvious trail being sprayed for sometime. I am not sure if the Geo-engineering program  has been halted or if it is being implemented in different forms, such as I have witnessed some strange wispy clouds.  These clouds are not appearing to be average, and I luckily have been a cloud gazer since a child to know that. These clouds seem to whirl with colors and disappear into a muddied fog in the sky. That being said, the cloud doesn't really disappear, and the colors could possibly be from it containing chemicals or the refraction of some sort.  I will be adding a collection of photos in another post, that I did not have time to load before, but these are the strange wisps of clouds.

There was a flood in Southern Alberta, and previous to this tragic and massive flooding, is when I reported and brought forth the photography of chemtrails from airplanes.  It could be a coincidence, and again I am only reporting from where I am located and what I am witnessing.

 One afternoon, though it happened rather quickly,  so thus do not have photo evidence, I witnessed what it looks like for a passenger plane to empty the tanks of the plane, prior to landing. It is very different than long streaks of chemtrails in the sky.  I paid close attention as small spurts of liquids that did dissipate quickly were let off in bursts. I am not sure if this is detrimental to the environment, but I am not disputing which is worse or necessary.

I will post more often, now that no longer affected by the floods and if there is any breaking news.

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