Friday, December 8, 2017

Look Into It~ And Are There Even More "New" Clouds In Recent Weather-Engineering Program History?

TrutherUFO‏  @TrutherUfo   Dec 2 How many years has this planet existed? Suddenly we have “new” clouds. Go look at paintings by the masters. You won’t see these. #OpChemtrails

Thursday, November 9, 2017

It Was Never About What We Know, BUT What We Are Going to DO About It

It's time to update you about a couple additions to the blog, and that is to the side I have added some suggestions from Amazon that are some key products to help you stay healthy and negate harmful wifi signals and radiation.  I thought I might be able to share more things like that on this blog page this month and in the near future. In terms of products that I am unable to craft and create at this time, and those are the Orgone device pyramids you see, I will probably not start those for some time.  So it's easiest to refer you to some vendors that do on Amazon.  If you make a purchase, I have disclosed my Amazon affiliation (right side column of the blog) and that is no extra cost to you but does help me a little bit.  This is because I am a single parent and I make ends meet this way, and the more I do the more I can help back. WIN-WIN for everyone.

Here are the different particular and beneficial uses for orgonite including positive energy and healing, all the while negating harmful wifi signals and EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), peace of mind and meditation, helpful for all type of well being and some look very aesthetically pleasing.  Also, there are orgone cloudbusters and orgone energy blasters that work to keep the "chemtrails" away from your home and neighborhood if you place them around your vicinity, and it improves the weather around you too.  The spraying chemicals and nanoparticulate in the air is part of Geoengineering programs if you care to investigate further.
Orgone itself produces Aether Energy, which is "chi" energy as has been described.  It can help in so many ways since it's a crystal based defense weapon, which I won't get into just yet.  All I feel is necessary, is that I let you know about them and hope you don't pass these up!  Do your own due diligence of learning and start giving gifts of these orgone machine devices to others. Or create your own once you get savvy to the knowledge- I am sure "the powers that be" will not like us having this knowledge.  It's how we can balance the environment and heal the Earth, as well as each other- I am convinced if we come together we can do it.

I will be also updating you on lists for remedies to help you chelate out radiation and detox heavy metals out of your body, but currently am in research mode, but I am 99% finished that.  Again, we are solution makers.

Croft, D./user8127/ (date unknown) How to Make Orgonite & Build A Cloudbuster to disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather from

New Shapes In The Sky



Backlog of Pictures: Blowing In The Wind


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Update 2017

I had a few discussions with others in the last while, or years, and they have not retained much in regards to information and facts about our world such as Geoengineering or other things like radiation that is coming off of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster or the Hanford Site (links below), that which I had previously shared about on either social media or in direct discussion.  I mean it's one thing to not remember drinking stories that people tell me about (because it's just unimportant to be frank and has no information to me that should no be taking up space in my brain), but to ignore real information that affects yourself and your families is just ignorant.  So I conclude there is a lot of ignorance and altogether obliviousness - but act like they know it all.  It's really uncanny, and they are quick to share some noodle head stuff in chat.  You know the type where it's just senseless but you politely listen, and in the end walk away feeling stupid for entertaining it at all. So we must stop the nonsense, and try harder to spread sense and take action.

In fact, it's as if I am mentioning the same pattern of behaviour that goes down on Facebook which is why I quit.  So at this point I have done enough, and if I disable my account from social media sites, well, no one misses me or had even been engaged in ANYTHING I shared about Geoengineering or how to keep healthy despite everything going on.  Nope, it's as if it was all for nothing, but either way I will just continue to do something positive in life and not give up.  In the meantime, I am emerged in research and will find the best way to expose some of it.

Thanks to all the rest who appreciate all of us trying to save the environment, helping to leave this world a place for our and your children and generations to live on, even with Fukushima still happening and uncapped, polluting all the nuclear radiation and more nuclear waste storage plants explosions I have heard of, yet don't think it's hopeless and will continue on.  God has a plan for me.

There were many people who invented FREE energy solutions and with over 6000 patents of free energy suppressed by the powers that be, it's at Mother Earth's and our expense.  So what shall we do?  Well, I continue to step up  my health, and research and write it down so I pull it off the Internet, as I am finding really good sites or information such as You Tube videos are getting taken down left, right and centre.  Also, smoothies and healthy food is very essential to help maintain your good health, detox or heal yourself from bad health conditions.

It's just a small update, and to announce if I start a new website I will be posting or redirecting traffic from here.  That's all for now and you all take care!

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