Sunday, April 7, 2013

Killer Chemtrails

The Geoengineering program; or "chemtrails", as some call it is where the airplanes are spraying trails of various matter into the air, not well-known information but this article is what I have gathered together.  I read that the spray contains heavy metals, such as aluminium, barium, mercury, nanotechnology, silicone, lithium and viruses to say the least! I really don't think that this is to be cooling the Earth's atmosphere down as scientists might claim, but that is what the geoengineering and cloud seeding is supposedly doing and is some type of weather control program.

The difference between these trails and contrails, as you would normally see from a plane, are contrails will disappear almost right away coming from the tail of the plane. Chemtrails do not dissipate right away they actually linger for a very long time and seem to fan out and create an overall haze in the sky which blocks out a lot of the light of the sun.  Without the sun moulds and fungus has an opportunity to grow and plants don't grow as well.  Yet, the ozone layer is getting damaged further from the Geoengineering programs and aluminium and all the rest in the air are making people ill.  The day's beautiful blue skies turn to a dulled out and a chemical haze floats around and blocks the sun.

I found this picture (below at the bottom of the page), in my photography collection I had taken a while ago.  While gardening on my balcony January 2011, I thought nothing much of it but to take the picture of what looked very peculiar to me.  I have since learned what this possibly could have been.  It comes at a detriment to the rest of life on Earth, and I am not sure about the actual intentions of this "science".

What you see is not "normal", at least not what normal used to be. Be sure to click the links below, there are more people and sites out there with information.  Research and find out more and please if you have any more information be sure to come back and report here if you can so we can start getting the information out because this affects the air we all breathe!

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