Saturday, September 28, 2013

Look Up

I just wanted to post this quick comment.  I noticed that two days in a row chemtrails, NOT vapor trails, were being sprayed across the sky in a grid like pattern. Do you see the trails are crossing, and spreading out to create a total haze.  This haze stays around and falls to the ground until the next day when it starts all over again.  Notice it yet?  Watch the sky for more than a day and you will, because once in awhile the skies clear and it's gorgeous and the sun is out.

Many people will welcome discussing our foods and the deadly pesticides used to spray produce, and how harmful that is but the trend is people are still a bit behind in how aware they should be to their environment.  Fukishima has been leaking since it happened and everyone included, are in danger of major health implications.  Have you noticed any changes and what did you do when you heard about the nuclear disaster when it happened in 2011?  I am unaware of this ongoing threat and I am still focusing on chemtrails as well. On the public train, while there are huge windows and large streaks of chemicals clear across the sky, people are engrossed in their iphones............

I know if you are looking for information, care about leaving the Earth for future generations and how it will be like for them then PLEASE start paying attention and joining people in the discussion, perhaps go to your local municipality and bring it up.  Pay attention to strange occurrences, such as spraying and chemical colory rings in front of the sun.  Have heard there are invisible chemicals as well, that when spraying linger but the color of spray dissipates and it's not evident to you what is in the air.  Nanoparticulate is VERY small.  How I realized I had a picture (uploaded from my first post), of airplanes spraying chemtrails, because it just didn't look normal.  At all, but come to think way back in time, I had been a kid in the 90's and I asked an adult why some airplane spraying was not disappearing.  They hesistaed to answer as they stared at it too, and I recall now so clearly that it went unanswered and I watched this "jet trail" for more than 20 minutes until it started to clear up.    Jump to today, and three airplane chemtrails done at similar times in cross formation, is that really the norm now?
 We coincidentally will learn about what is witnessed, eventually.

Again, by the time of 5:00 p.m.,  the hazy sky will be all over for the most part.  If not haze then clouds have seemed to roll in to mingled with the chemicals that are hovering up there and with all the chemtrails that are left behind, it all fans out.   Still doing my diligent job of documenting these trails, in the more northern skies.  Others are stuck on some other topics of what is going on with the world, and take this one lightly.  Now all the trees are starting to die more rapidly.  Ciao for now.

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