Monday, April 29, 2013

All Day Chemtrail Spraying

How many people are looking up and seeing the spraying in the skies from random planes?  I have noticed, and there are certain planes that come from a different direction, than your local airport and they tend to be looping back and forth spraying all day.

I hear it is over large cities and perhaps other places as well, but we did not vote for this!There is no public information, from our government on this!!  The planes are staggered to about every 30-40 minutes, and they persist.  I noticed when it's cloudy there are some trails camouflaged behind the clouds, because when the cloud moves I notice there have been the trails left behind from airplanes, and this is just what I am documenting.

Perhaps there is more spraying going on when it's cloudy, and we just don't know it because we cannot see clearly above the clouds, but according to the Geo-Engineering program if this spray is supposed to cool down the earth's atmosphere then why would we need that when it's already cloud covered and cool?

                   Here are just some of the recent pictures from one day's worth of chemtrails, that I photographed.  There could have been more that I didn't get on camera!

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