Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Health & Nutrition- Vaccine Prevention

I want to encourage you to check out the following information, furthering my research for the "Vaccine Series" I am putting together.  I also want to let you know about The Weston A. Price Foundation website.  There is really good information about nutrition for all aspects of health including for preventing diseases.  Actually, Dr. Price was a dentist, called the "Isaac Newton of Nutrition" because he studied dental decay and physical degeneration and traveled all over the world researching natural diets of tribes and indigenous people.  Studies showed that they had much more nutrition in the foods they ate, and that translated to better health and less dental decay.

He was altogether ignored by the dental establishment, but anyways, I had taken out a lot of books on the vaccination subject from the library and his work had come up in one of the books citing his information.  I found out research into proper nutrition was very informative and turns out nutrition is really key to immunity against diseases that are claimed to be stopped by vaccines.

I personally would rather get the measles than autism or cancer, but that's me and I have no experience with it, so perhaps that's ignorant to say but let's think about that for a minute- which is worse? And measles tends to strike those lacking vitamin A in their diets, or people with already compromised immune systems.  I do realize it takes time to educate ourselves on what types of foods prevent disease in the first place but perhaps it is so well worth the time!

Pharmaceutical company's synthetic drugs are based on beneficial properties of herbs and plants, and then the pharmaceutical companies patent their synthetic version that comes with all the scary and serious side effects.  Well, why not go directly to Nature who makes the original and more effective medicine -which have none or little side effects, and learn how to get preventative with your health? How much more empowered will you feel to know you have a strong base to work from, and if nothing else can keep your family healthy and if you still need to visit the doctor- well you may have less time spent at the doctor's office.  I have linked the books on this topic that I am currently reading, or interested in reading below.  Here's the website for The Weston A. Price Foundation (red link):

The Weston A. Price Foundation

& Here's a reference sheet  of  Vaccine-Related Videos, Documentaries, and Audio Clips  
(3 pages of compiled sources).

Also, on a side note, I want to mention about the "Saxenda" ad that keeps cropping up on this blog, that has been blocked several times when I reviewed in the ad center with Google AdSense.  So you are all aware, I am not supporting that company nor their pharmaceuticals or any others here. I just don't want it here, so I am considering removing all ads except my Amazon recommendations.  I don't want to keep seeing solicited ads, that I have nothing to do with and already have banned. 

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