Sunday, January 28, 2018

If They Can Do It

Something peculiar happened, back in September last year now and I just wanted to talk a bit about it in a positive sense, but had come out of the blue.  An Instagram fashion blogger/ model started an impromptu photo shoot at the front of my residence (turns out she was taking pictures in front of various homes in the mobile home park), without my direct permission anyways, nor my landlords.  Long story short, I spotted them outside and went to inquire as to what was going on because the lady taking the photos looked back at me when I spotted them- posing in front of my window.

Of course, I went outside to see what this was about and it was then they asked for consent.  They already had started, I didn't mention it, but I had seen they were going to finish up and concluded it was probably ok if they just finished and went on their way.  I checked it all out, and hey, it's great she does what she likes and I find the blog itself refreshing although similar to many others of that style.  I am not mentioning who it was, for keeping things separate but  I for one, wouldn't know the first thing about being a fashion blog website and running an Instagram photo account taking pictures around the countryside.  But I could see why she was going for it and promoting sponsorship for products; although consumerism turns me off, I got the concept.

I had seen after I went online; more and more blogs are doing this and it started to give me a new "fire" for the work I am doing.  For even though compared to what I am attempting to accomplish she is doing something trendier, I could see this is how to make an entrepreneurship blog or website endeavor, well- serious.  So how can I put some "backing" to it?  A little compensation to a  "hobby" thus far would be favorable, to say the least, as I spend enough time researching and writing or sharing that anyone should know what my intent is.  I decided I am "backing" all my ambitions up with pure, good-hearted wanting to help.  With help from God, it's unstoppable.

So why not I thought?  Getting back into the swing of things, reading some more reports later, because what is more important than exposing chemtrails?  Since in a couple years, things are probably going to be worse anyway; in terms of our health, what do we have to lose?  Should we wait until we are fatigued from the chemtrails in the air or the radiation coming at us from various wireless technology gadgets and appliances and worse- what's to wait for?  Is it better that you can barely move and feel quite old only in your thirties or early forties? Does it ring a bell and you are not that old, getting surgeries usually prescribed for people much older than you or being recommended prescription drugs left, right and center? Your first wealth is your health, so I won't stand by and lose it altogether.  Neurotoxicity is real.  When I step outside my door or look out the window when doing dishes or something of that nature, there are the strange clouds or chemtrail spraying haze all over the sky.  Just what is it for exactly?  One or the other, sometimes a strange amount of spraying in front of the sun, or at night the moon, wait until I load more pictures and tell me it's not affecting people or the environment around us.  We all have different genetics so we all have different symptoms.  Please take a look at older or recent ones pictures I already have posted here Documenting Hazy Clouds , Bleached Blue Skies , New Shapes In The Sky .  Messed up.

If you have joined me as of late, I found it easiest to show the pictures and document everything going on in that method, at least in the past.  I write sometimes, but mostly I post the pictures to prove it because I can always snap a picture even if I am doing other things, I stress out sometimes when  I cannot get everything all day every day, and also the spraying program isn't "letting up".  Most days are busy so I know I miss a lot.

It's nice at times there is less spraying depending, like lately for awhile the sky was blue and I wanted to point that out and took a picture or two.  I need to highlight other aspects of the Geoengineering program(s) in future posts.  Yes, plural as there are more programs for weather modification happening. But I regress, the point is I don't know anyone who would stick their head in the sand and do nothing- or do I?  I mean, for years in the city it was so obvious yet everyone kept peeled to their iPhones when I rode the city transit, not one person wanted to have the conversation, not even me really.  Scurry home.  For a while, I started to really understand and believe and virtually see, the manufactured fluoride in the water or food we consume was indeed affecting people.

I mean isn't it cognitive dissonance to say, "we all need to do our part" for the world and "save the environment!" and stand by and watch the skies be sprayed heavily until they are a grey haze of pollution and the air is toxic?  Is air considered breathable if it's dangerous?  It's not in my neck of the woods, so it doesn't affect me or matter? I don't see it so it must not be happening?  Without backup research or information to coincide that notion.  Even though you are still breathing, and first and foremost, breatharians- before food or water we first need air, most of us right?  Hopefully, you probably agree with me at least there.

Lately, in some posts (posters) you may have seen "the powers that be" are trying to stop all kinds of doctors that know the truth: hence the murdered or missing homeopathic or natural doctors.  What has happened to them?  We should by now know that vaccines are sketchy for your health.  Even if you think you know what you were told. Spend a considerable amount of time looking into it yourself.  Read labels.  Detox. By now, I think (I know), the Cancer Society has the cures and knows exactly what they need to do to help patients sick or dying from it - without using radiation treatments and drugs, but don't and medical establishments insist on their treatment plans that nearly kill people or do kill people that don't make it through the treatment.  Check out the video about what mainstream medical did to Royal Rife , and so now you should know it's big business.

Since plants and herbs can heal and had been for thousands of years.  Without side effects that the pharmaceuticals have for that matter; then you would realize the suppressed information on how to self-heal to the fullest potential too.  I will be posting everything I have compiled very soon, but here's food for thought. Read and understand it, analyze the chart and tell me what IS going on?  Horrifying.

Chart credit site:

Scientists have been known to be kicked out of their careers if they speak against what is going on.
With Geoengineering and much more, and is the scientific establishment ethical then?  Some people are being blackmailed to carry on the agendas I speak of, and worry about it, then decide it's a means-to-an-end.  Perhaps they cannot let their family down and continue sinister plans so they can make a living. I cannot judge anyone because I do understand the pressure of making a living as well.  But maybe your children are important enough to keep them safe from toxic chemicals and genetically engineered food heavy metals being sprayed down on us first and foremost? Which makes us all sick, and we all have limited time but did you know you are aging at an accelerated rate now?  If you don't think so?  See what nano-particulate heavy metals sprayed chaff from planes does to animals and plants.  Do you think you are unique when it comes to the arsenal of health assaults we experience from this, never mind we are running out of unadulterated sources of water and food?   Trees are falling apart in so many places, we might be next.

Perhaps all the information we have chosen to ignore subconsciously is why we get sick or fat, or some stray to abuse substances or alcohol abuse, functioning at it very well, thinking we are disconnected from this Earth.  Do we choose to stick our heads in the sand?  Because this is the tip of the iceberg.   As they say, hit the 'Follow', stay tuned for posts from that fashion blogger and get mystical eyes after the next hot sunglasses ad she is advertising or posting to her next "look book", consumerism unboxing of goodies- I am guilty of watching it on YouTube.  "Keeping up with the Jones", signing into your IG or Facebook accounts to see what's going on, Kardashians or your favorite show to view- all the while you were being diverted from the truth when you just had to look up and look around.  Finding more of the truth is up to you. I know once I started to figure out, I was in shock but the more I "wise up", the more I realize my purpose and there are lots of us on the same page.  
UPDATE~  I won't be back to post anything too lengthy in information here for a while, I just need to get some things together and work on more research.  I will occasionally share some information that I come across or release older posts I had been struggling to finish and release.  I hope you are all doing well!

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